We are an Investment Holding (Single Family Office), founded in 2009, exclusively to allocate our controller’s capital. We hold integrity as our main principle, and consequently, our businesses are conducted with the highest level of competence, transparency, and assiduity. Since our foundation, we have showed steady growth, broadened our scope of action by diversifying our investments. Always searching for the preservation of capital.

Founding Partner

Entrepreneur with over 40 years of professional experience, our founding partner, holds solid experience in the Brazilian market. Having developed a series of businesses among them Tópico Locações de Galpões e Equipamentos para Indústria SA. (“Tópico” or “Company”) - business which he founded in 1979. Until 2014, acted as CEO and president of Tópico’s board. As president, he was responsible for the company’s national expansion, and the exponential growth of its revenue. His rich experience ranges from production, operation, supply chain, product innovation, consumer service and marketing – having as a target clients/consumer in established and emerging markets. In December 2014, he sold the control of the company to the Private Equity Southern Cross Group. Currently, he is a shareholder and board member of Tópico’s; controller and CEO of CARLU. Additionally, he is an ambassador for Endeavor.


We base ourselves in a solid and recurring capital base. We function under a philosophy of long-term investments, and have as our main objective, undertaking and seeking the appreciation of our capital in positive market cycles, not neglecting the preservation of resources during negative cycles. Our values combined with our adaptability allow us to invest in various formats.

Real Estate

Medium and large-scale investments in diverse segments, such as: Logistics, Residential, Corporate and Educational; in different stages and strategies (development of opportunities, speculation, and income.)


We invest on Middle Market companies with great capacity of growth, and potential to reach leadership positions in their standing markets.
Tópico Locações de Galpões e Equipamentos para Indústria S.A. Soluções de Internet S.A.

Private Credit

Investments in series Senior, Mezzanine and Junior debt, through primary and secondary markets.








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